Ship Clock

Time control system : Master clock TCS-1

Professional shipping places special demands on automated clock systems.
The TCS-1 master clock, which was developed with the company Mühle Glashütte GmbH, is precisely tailored to this: Because it is not only very easy to integrate into the existing on-board Ethernet, but can also be configured via WLAN. In this way it combines contemporary technologies that make life on board that little bit easier. However, the clock systems can not only be used on ships, but also in airports or on factory premises.

The TCS-1 is the control centre of automated clock systems and provides the time protocol for an unlimited number of slave clocks and all integrated automation systems. It thus enables, for example, the fast and automatic time zone changeover or the time-saving changeover from summer and winter time.

The entire clock system can be controlled from a central location. Usually settings are made via the TCS-1’s bright and dimmable touchscreen, which is very easy to read even in direct sunlight.

The master clock receives the exact time continuously by means of a GPS receiver (NMEA 0183).
The time signal can alternatively be supplied by an accurate real-time clock if no GPS connection is available. The slave clocks are controlled via Ethernet (10/100 MBit) or RS485 data line.

The master clock has an integrated web server that provides a web interface for remote administration of the entire clock system.
This means that the entire clock system can be controlled from any PC on the Ethernet LAN and even from mobile devices such as smartphones via WLAN.

Critical settings of the master clock are protected by passwords with three levels of authorisation. The passwords of the different levels can be changed.
Both the web interface of the remote administration and the WLAN access point are password-protected and can be deactivated.

The TCS-1 can display up to three times simultaneously: Universal Time Coordinated and Local Time via analogue displays, another time zone (at sea, for example, the time of the home or destination port) via digital display. Its intelligent 24-hour display is particularly well designed. The analogue displays for Universal Time Coordinated and Local Time have alternating hour digits. In the morning, the hour digits 1 to 12 are displayed, and from noon to midnight, the hour digits 13 to 24 are displayed. In this way, you can see at a glance whether it is day or night for each of the three time zones.