alpha-bit – About us

For more than 30 years, alpha-bit GmbH has been developing individual software and project solutions for the automation, control, monitoring and simulation of industrial plants, including measurement data acquisition and evaluation.

The path to the Smart Factory – How Big Data becomes Smart Data

The core elements of digital transformation are a better networking of companies with their customers and suppliers, smooth digital business processes, the secure storage of all incoming data and the generation of added value through the evaluation of this data.

A wide variety of data accumulates in a factory. Much of this data has not yet been collected and thus its potential has not been exploited.

We help you to unearth the treasure trove of data in your company. To do this, we analyse where relevant data is generated and how it can be stored and processed most effectively. You benefit from our extensive experience in the area of interfaces, protocols and technologies.

The goal is to provide calculated key figures in the form of dashboards and apps in order to deliver valuable insights for various parties.
Event-triggered notifications allow users to be informed about unscheduled events and disruptions at any time.

Opportunities of digitalisation

  • Process optimisation through calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as OEE

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity through the use of predictive maintenance

  • Cost reduction
  • New markets and customers
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of products and services
  • New business models
  • Networking production using IoT and IIoT

Let us accompany you on your way into the digital future

We would like to get to know your company in a free and non-binding preliminary discussion, identify digitalisation potential and determine the current status of digitalisation.

In a workshop, we work together with know-how bearers in your company to develop ideas that offer you added value. To do this, it is important to form a multifaceted team with different perspectives.

We will first identify different personas (customers or roles in the company). Then we examine the needs of the different personas and subsequently develop concrete ideas that satisfy these needs. At the end, the ideas are evaluated (usefulness and feasibility) and prioritised.

For selected ideas we then develop a prototype in close consultation with you in short iteration cycles, so that there is a continuous feedback loop and we can react quickly to new or changed requirements.

Once the prototypes are ready, we evaluate the benefits of the developed solution together with you. You then decide whether you want us to fully implement this solution.

Once you have decided on a solution, we will implement it using modern software architecture and state-of-the-art programming languages, frameworks and development tools.

We will commission the developed solution on your chosen platform, configure it and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are happy to support you with maintenance during ongoing operation


ALPHA-VISION® is a modular software solution for the development, visualisation, testing and simulation of industrial automation applications.

Sophisticated products ranging from process management down to the level of process controlling are available to you.

Your individual software solution

As an IT service provider with a team of experienced software developers including computer scientists, mathematicians and electrical engineers, we develop customised, fully integrated individual software for medium-sized and large companies. For this we use reliable and future-proof technologies, which can be easily extended.

Are you looking for a partner for the development of your next software project who delivers on time and also provides comprehensive support after completion? We help you to implement new ideas, optimise existing solutions or master existing projects in critical situations.


We use the latest technologies and methods for implementation. Learn more in our technology blog.


In our project blog you will find an excerpt of interesting solutions that we have already realised in our long company history.