Ship building

The foundation stone was laid in the area of automation ship building. From the very beginning, as a system supplier, we were integrated into projects of big general contractors.

This sector of industry, especially, requires high-level qualifications and know-how, as well as engineering performance. It can easily be seen from the fact that any ship has self-contained utilities, safety equipment and social facilities. Functionality on the open sea must run in a fail-safe manner, since repair or maintenance is often only possible in the next port, which might take several weeks to reach.

Before its inauguration, every ship has to pass an official check, performed by an authorized organisation. This check includes all functions and areas.

All our systems and products were tested and certified by "Germanischer Lloyd".

Our systems are used "afloat", as well as "submerged".

Here you can find solutions developed by alpha-bit:

  • Naval ships (national and international)
  • Coastguard
  • Submarines
  • Merchant ships
  • Ferries
  • Tankers (different usage)

During our activities over the years, systems have grown and matured ranging from the level of control up to visualisation.

Nowadays all systems are part of the ALPHA-VISION® product family.

Come aboard and get more information about what we can do for you.

Concerning this topic please see some sample projects.

Retrofit of ANZAC frigates Retrofit of the automation (<1MB)

Modular IAMCS - Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems for ships (<1MB)

Clock System - Trendsetting clock system primarily for ships (<1MB)