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Consulting, conception and realization from one source


Ship building

The foundation stone was laid in the area of automation ship building. From the very beginning, as a system supplier, we were integrated into projects of big general contractors.

This sector of industry, especially, requires high-level qualifications and know-how, as well as engineering performance. It can easily be seen from the fact that any ship has self-contained utilities, safety equipment and social facilities. Functionality on the open sea must run in a fail-safe manner, since repair or maintenance is often only possible in the next port, which might take several weeks to reach.

Before its inauguration, every ship has to pass an official check, performed by an authorized organization. This check includes all functions and areas.

All our systems and products were tested and certified by "Germanischer Lloyd".

Our systems are used "afloat", as well as "submerged".

Here you can find solutions developed by alpha-bit:

    Naval ships, Coastguard and Submarines
    Merchant ships
    Tankers (different usage)

During our activities over the years, systems have grown and matured ranging from the level of control up to visualization.

Nowadays all systems are part of the ALPHA-VISION® product family.

Come aboard and get more information about what we can do for you.

Concerning this topic please see some sample projects:

Retrofit on ANZAC Frigates - retrofitting of the automation

Modular IAMCS - Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems for ships

Clock system - trendsetting clock system primarily for ships



Power generation

As the automation partner for our customer, we take care of the control engineering up to the controlling and regulating of the plant.

While doing so, you benefit from our experience in the automation of power generating plants.

We offer process and control technology for:

  • wind power plants
  • solar cell plant
  • fuel cell control unit
  • decentralized energy management system for district heat power station, wind power and solar power
  • simulation of the PLC via the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC7

SuVeTo - Support Verification Tool

SuVeTo is a multi-user system for calculation and management of static component load in the power plant construction.

It is used for acquisition, validation, verification, administration, calculation and documentation of all required piping supports in the piping system and it is Safety Standards Authority compliant. Additionally it accesses the PDMS (Plans Design Management System) data base, synchronizes the respective components and shows the result in 3D-Viewer.

The project was developed on behalf of the company AREVA GmbH.

The application was developed in C# / WinForms and .NET Framework (2.0 - 4.5) and uses Microsoft SQL server for administering and storing of all data and users. The binding to the SQL data bank enables several users to deal with different pipe supports of the same project at the same time. The documents relevant for the Safety Standards Authority are in the PDF format.

SuVeTo automates many duties, while the required information is imported from other data bases and 3D-models (PDMS) as well as Excel list catalogues. Because the manipulation of the data has the directly impact on the calculations of the required piping support system, the automation with SuVeTo leads to a big time and cost savings.

Hansy Screen Hansy Objects


IntelligeNDT: non-destructive examinations


Development of the software iRC for the company IntelligeNDT (now AREVA) which allows specifying motion pattern for connected actuators over a graphical user interface. The created patterns are scanned over the surface to be tested and at that the measuring head moved.
These motion data are transmitted to the evaluation software which carries out the actual examination.




Traffic Engineering

In the area of traffic engineering, the aspect of safety and reliability plays a vital role.
It is indispensable that all the underlying control, visualization and management systems satisfy these demands.
In the area of rail vehicles we mainly focus on following activity emphasizes:

  • Configuration Management Systems
  • Train Diagnosis Systems
  • Data Processing Systems
  • Controlling Systems

Our control systems for the drive systems used in:

  • Fuel cell bus
  • Fuel cell car
  • Fuel cell forklift

were developed for the eco-friendly power generation.


Vehicles running on fuel cells



Time Control System : Master clock TCS-1

Professional navigation has particular requirements when it comes to automated clock systems: the Master Clock TCS-1, developed in cooperation with the company Mühle Glashütte GmbH, is exactly tailored to meet these requirements: as it can not only be easily integrated into the existing on-board Ethernet, but can also be configured via WLAN. Thus it combines up-to-date technologies that make life on board that little bit easier. This clock systems are not only suitable for ships, but also for airports and business premises.

The TCS-1 is the control center of automated clock systems and supplies the time protocol for an unlimited number of additional clocks and all integrated automatization systems. It therefore enables, for example, quick and automatic time zone conversion or the time saving changeover from summertime to wintertime.

The entire clock system can be controlled from a central location. Normally settings are adjusted using the bright and dimmable touch screen of the TCS-1, which is also clearly readable, even in direct sunlight.

The master clock continuously receives the exact time via a GPS (NMEA 0183) time signal.
Alternatively, the time signal can be provided by an extremely accurate real-time clock should no GPS connection be available. The slave clocks are controlled via Ethernet (10/100 MBit) or RS485 data line.

The master clock has an integrated webserver which can offer a web-interface for remote administration.
The web-interface enables remote administration of the entire clock system. Therefore, the entire clock system can be controlled by any PC in the Ethernet-LAN and via WLAN even from mobile devices such as smartphones.

Sensitive areas of the master clock can be protected by password levels. The passwords of the different levels can be changed. The access to the web-interface and the WLAN access-point are password protected and can be deactivated.

The TCS-1 can display up to three times simultaneously: Universal Time Coordinated and Local Time on the analogue display and a further time zone (at sea, for example, the home location time or the destination port time) on the digital display. The intelligent 24-hour display of the TCS-1 has been particularly well thought out, with the analogue displays for the Universal Time Coordinated and the Local Time designed with changing hour markers. In the morning the hour markers 1 to 12 are displayed and from midday to midnight the hour markers 13 to 24 are displayed. This means that for any of the three time zones, you can tell whether it's night or day at first glance.