Industry solutions


Our experiences in project engineering and automation of production lines and test rigs are vast. Our customers benefit from our technological know-how as well as from our system competence and our practical knowledge. The goal is to realize an efficient and optimized project work for the installation.


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Depending on the project, our colleagues also visit the customer and so are able to realize all special aspects of the installation which can be taken in account without any delay.

The following illustrated projects were realized by using ALPHA-VISION® VISUalization or WinCC.


Silicon-Rod Measuring Machine – Siltronic

For the production of wafers, monocrystalline silicon rods are needed. Before treatment and for final quality control, the rods are measured. The identifying of the rods is done via barcode. The diameter is determined with a blue LED optical sensor and suitable CCD device. Other geometric features are measured via laser. The location and position of these features are detected with highly accurate linear and angle-measuring sensors.

The equipment is controlled by the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC. The user interface is the process control system ALPHA-VISION® VISUalization. The evaluation of the registered measuring data is immediately done online. In this case the smooth integration of mathematical algorithms in the SoftPLC is a major advantage. Using an interface to the Intranet, the characteristics are stored in a data repository for further processing.




Control and visualization of a thixo plant for the manufacturing of aluminum components

"Thixoforming" takes advantage of the thixotropic characteristic of certain aluminum alloys to produce high-precision lightweight components in a die-cast similar process. Thixotropic substances become inviscid and correspondingly dense again without any further heating only due to mechanical influences (e.g. stirring) as soon as a further mechanical impact fails to appear over a certain period of time. The material keeps its form and volume thereby.

Keeping this technology under control with ALPHA-VISION®

The sensitive manufacturing process means the most exact monitoring and control mechanisms. This is done by the use of the ALPHA-VISION® process control and visualization software on an IPC.

Thixo Prozess3

The aluminum work pieces (cylindrical bolts) are warmed up electrically due to a predefined energy curve in the elothix modules. The medium-frequency power of a heat station (a coil or an inductor) will be fed in by one MF converter each.

The focus is on the control of the heating process. For this task a control concept was destined on the basis of an IPC. The heating process in the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC7 is controlled and monitored via a PD control loop algorithm (command variable: energy, correcting variable: voltage).

As soon as the requested final energy has been reached, the heated and now thixotropic work pieces are put in a die-cast press by an industrial robot where they are pressed into the required shape.

In the automation also the various conditions are considered by the ALPHA-VISION® modules. Therefore especially at malfunctions (e.g. press or robot is not ready) it is important to keep the Elothix modules warm so that a further usage is possible.


Moreover the Thixo PC is equipped with an OPC interface.The OPC Server comprises all available process values (including the process periphery) in the complete system.By means of an on-site mode switch (local/remote selector switch) it is also possible to operate the ThixoPC by remote control, e.g. via a higher-level control station PC.