SUSHy is the new visualization solution for automation technology.

SUSHy is a powerful development framework, which enables the easy development of HMI-, SCADA-, IPMS- and Damage-Control solutions. Due to the comprehensive core functionalities of the framework, visualization solutions can be developed time- and cost efficiently. It is especially characterized by its openness, scalability and simplicity. The open framework nature of SUSHy enables the easy modification of existing and extension of missing functionalities.

SUSHy unites the benefits of the previous solutions ALPHA-VISION® VISUalization and BDC.

The user interface is created using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), which provides all of the powerful features of that framework; freely available components, such as controls, can easily be integrated into SUSHy with little to no expense.

Your SUSHy application is created using standard tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Blend. SUSHy extends the framework with powerful, application-specific features.

Our optimized database system is responsible for data storage, data distribution, history as well as other services.
Other components of SUSHy provide functional extensions such as control access, incident/damage management and alarm system. Furthermore, SUSHy provides templates to easily create visualization solutions with fixed areas, in which a status line or alarm line are permanently visible.

SUSHy is not so much an application as a framework, which enables .NET developers to develop customer specific visualization solutions in an efficient and effective way.


SUSHy can be divided into two main components:

Application-ToolkitandRepository - the data storage
SUSHy Frontend   SUSHy Backend