DCMS - Damage Control Management System




The DCMS is a fully integrated system designed to provide full support in managing emergency situations (incidents) and maintenance and repair tasks (such as failures and damages of equipment).

Incident types (such as fire, flood, smoke, gas, explosions, NBC-hazards, etc.) can be fully customized and extended to meet the specific needs of the operators.

Due to usability and design, the system facilitates the plotting, entering and tracking of information in an intuitive, efficient and user-friendly manner.

All data is logged, archived and distributed across all operator stations, ensuring that all personnel can base their actions and decisions on the same information.

Incidents can be plotted directly on the Incident Board, on which the general arrangement plan of the ship is displayed using scalable vector graphics. Damage control measures can be prioritized, assigned and coordinated quickly and efficiently.

The progress can be tracked at a glance thanks to informative plot symbols.  Incident specific “killcards” are interactive check-off cards which guide the operator through the necessary steps for a specific incident. This ensures that operators can react correctly and rapidly even when facing the stress of emergency situations.

All actions and events affecting the watertight integrity of the ship (such as watertight door and hatch states) can be coordinated, tracked and logged.

Other features include:    

  • Blanket Search
  • Resource management (personnel and equipment)
  • Casualty management
  • Integrated CCTV
  • Drawings directly on the incident board
  • Onboard exercises and training