ALPHA-VISION® - process control system for the automation


We offer well-engineered products from the process field level to the process control level, all developed and maintained in-house.

ALPHA-VISION® is a modularly-constructed software solution for the development, visualization, monitoring and simulation of industrial automation applications.


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Modular platform configuration
ALPHA-VISION® grows with your requirements. Due to the excellent scalability, you can choose the additional modules which meet your needs.


Open standards
All ALPHA-VISION® products are designed so that customized protocols can be integrated on demand. Furthermore, ALPHA-VISION® provides you with all common communication interfaces (Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, CAN) and uses high-availability, redundant UDP/IP drivers as well as OPC Client and server technologies.


Individual customization
ALPHA-VISION® is a firsthand product from alpha-bit. Your advantage: You let us know your special requirements and we will implement an individual software solution from the standard product according to your request.


Short-term training periods
No time to waste? With ALPHA-VISION® you can work intuitively using your familiar development environment. And should there be any reason of concern – our support can back you up with experienced staff.


High return on investment
ALPHA-VISION® is already profitable for small plants due to its low project-planning costs and low system complexity, the short training periods, the high degree of manufacturer independence and the fair license fees.


With ALPHA-VISION® you can


  • intuitively plan complex process sequences
  • optimize the automation of your plant
  • simulate complex pre-commissioning or fault scenarios
  • train your employees cost-effectively
  • modernize existing processes


All conveniently from your desk.
YOU can use your familiar development environment.
WE will realize your order.


All software components can be ordered for testing purposes by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or downloaded free of charge.

You have unlimited use of the software, there is only a time limit which terminates the application. In order to get the complete user rights, the software can be activated within 8 days after receipt of the license order.