In automation, simulation is increasingly playing a major role. Meanwhile there are a number of simulation tools available. By using them the real technical process can be emulated on the PC.

Concerning the automation instruments, either the real SPS, which is communicating with the simulation tool, can be used, or the SPS control unit will also be emulated.

In the following you can see how the real plant will be simulated. In doing so the emulation of the real SPS is done by the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC.

The process is depicted by a suitable process simulation. The original technique can be maintained and the control unit will be emulated by the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC7.

The simulation functionalities of the SoftPLC7 are of major importance in this idea. The ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC7 can be operated by remote control and functions like freeze, unfreeze, stop, run, back tracking and slow motion are supported.

Every ALPHA-VISON® SoftPLC7 runs as independent process on your PC when emulating a SIMATIC S7. In this process the ALPHA-VISION® SoftPLC7 is capable of being instantiated manifold – so a potential existing distributed controller (part of several S7 stations) can be simulated without modification of the Step7 program on a single PC.

The advantages of this simulation are obvious:

Time and cost saving
Training and practice from the staff who are in charge of the start-ups

Minimize standstills
When retrofitting, the simulation is done in the run-up

Improving reliability
Test error management / correction, simulate faults

Efficient Factory Acceptance Test
Emulation of the hardware

Higher customer satisfaction
Evidence of professionalism towards the end customer

Additional benefit
Further use as test and training centre possible