Software-Key Generierung

(Hinweis: Lizenzierungsdatenbank nur in Englisch vorhanden!)


  1. Licencing by software key is deprecated and is not available for version 12 and higher.
  2. This type of licencing is not approved for virtual machines and no support is given for such systems.
  3. Software keys for master licences are not available within the internet licencing. Please contact us in this case.
In case of further questions please
contact us

Please enter your licence number.
If the licence number format is 0123456789.0, please enter only the digits left of the decimal point.

Licence number:


  • Where do I find my licence number?
    The licence number can be found in the licence agreement which was sent to you by alpha-bit GmbH

  • I don't have the licence agreement at hand, can the licence number be found anywhere else?
    If the licence was installed with the AbLicInstaller ( details),
    • the licence number can be found in the ALPHA-VISION® runtime splash screen, if the 30 days trial hasn't already expired.
    • the licence number is also shown in the PMU under the menu point Help/Info.
    • you can view your licensed products with the utility 'ShowLicence', which can be found in the normal vision\bin directory.
    Otherwise it can be ordered by email.

In case of further questions please
contact us